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Se Vende Terreno para Desarrollar Frente al Mar en Playas

Playas, General Villamil (Playas), Guayas, Ecuador

Información Básica del Listado

710.000 US$
ID del Listado
Tipo de Propiedad
Terreno para Desarrollar
Tipo de Listado
Listado de Terreno
Tipo de Ubicación
Frente del Mar
Tipo de Vista
Vista a la Playa, Vista al Mar
Área de Terreno Total
1,00 ha (2,47 acre)

Imágenes del Listado

beach front 2 1/2 acres Playas beach front 2 1/2 acres Playas beach front 2 1/2 acres Playas beach front 2 1/2 acres Playas

Este terreno para desarrollar se localiza en Playas, Guayas Ecuador, en el cantón de General Villamil (Playas). La propiedad frente al mar disfruta de hermosa vista a la playa y al mar, y esta situada en la región costera de Ecuador. El area total del lote es de 1,00 hectare (2,47 acre).

Vea lo que dice el corredor sobre este listado (título original y descripción):

Over 10,000 square meters of Opportunity! This 2 1/2 acre plus lot ON BEACH lot could be your retirement plan in just ONE move...yes, it is a lot of land and a fair amount of money, but what potential it has. This lot has over 160 feet of beach front and well over TWO football fields of depth to it. The lot is backed by the major road between Playas and Posorja...just one hour and 15 minutes from Guayaquil. This area is developing faster than any other beach town on the entire coast of Ecuador. You have power and water right on the street at the rear boundary of this land. You have the sunniest beach in all of have a brand new On Beach mall just 3 miles have MILES of beach to roam and enjoy...what more could you ask for. So let's do some numbers on this. Yes, it will take some "deep pockets", but this IS what would come of this....This stretch of highway has about 10 gated communities on it...they all have been selling like hotcakes and they are buying up plots like this and just duplicating the process. With this size lot of over 10,000 square meters of land (a hectare...2 1/2 acres plus) you could build 75 homes of 1,400 square feet each...and have the buyers lining up to pay you for those homes. This is NOT Pie in the Sky numbers...this is factual information that is taking place in all the other communities that are being built in this area. So the math...75 homes of this size...finished would be $52,000 each or $3,900.000.00. The land will cost you approximately $700, you have $4,600,000.00 as costs, but you don't have to come up with ALL that at one sell the lot/home packages and build as you receive the payments to do so. The homes sell for a minimum of $95,000.00 up to $150,000.00 for the front line homes (which there would be 5). Just to keep it simple let's say ALL of the homes behind the first row of homes sell for $95,000.00 each (which is NOT what they would all sell for...the closer to the beach they get the higher the price), that would be $6,650,000.00 and the front five would sell for a total of $750,000.00 (five times $150,000). You now have a total of $7,400,000 as a gross profit. Your infrastructure would cost you approximately $400,000.00 for roadways, power, water and sewer for the project and your homes cost you $3,900,000.00 to build...that is $4,300,000.00 expenses...okay who has the PROFIT figured out yet???? with your hand waving WILDLY in the air...what is the profit on this project???? Over $3,000,000.00!!! Can you retire on that amount?? Yes, you have to have vision and probably a "little" experience to take on such an endeavor, but it can be done and these are conservative numbers seriously.
Área de Terreno Total 1,00 ha (2,47 acre)
Ubicación Playas, General Villamil (Playas), Guayas, Ecuador
País Ecuador
Provincia Guayas
Cantón General Villamil (Playas)
Ciudad/Pueblo Playas
Tipo de Ubicación Frente del Mar
Tipo de Geografía Costa
Tipo de Vista Vista a la Playa, Vista al Mar
Tipo de Acceso a la Calle Calle Pavimentada
Tipo de Agua Agua Municipal
Tipo de Electricidad Público
¿La propiedad cuenta con sistema de aguas residuales? No
Internet Disponible -
Tipo de Televisión Televisión por Satelite
Precio por Metro Cuadrado $71.00/m2 ($6.60/sqft)
Precio Solicitado $710,000
Tipo de Dueño Persona Natural

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