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Bahia Properties

Beachfront Homes, Land, and Condos in Bahia, San Vicente, San Clemente, Crucita and Canoa

Bahia de Caraquez, or just Bahia, sits on the southern mouth of a large bay. What used to be one of Ecuador´s largest ports has become more of an eco-town in recent decades as the harbor suffered from heavy erosion, and much of its shipping industry moved south to Guayaquil or Manta. This has been great news for retirees and expats looking for a small beach town free of noise.

Infrastructure improvements in the region have made a resounding impact on the region. Roads are getting paved all along the coast and the impressive new bridge connecting Bahia to San Vicente has really opened up the area.

While Bahia´s growth is geographically limited, due to the peninsula upon which it sits, across the bay San Vicente is primed for explosive growth over the next decade. San Vicente, a longtime fishing community, has seen a number of small developments spring up in recent years as real estate prices in Bahia have shot up. San Vicente is still a bit of a work in progress, but it is just a short 3 minute taxi ride to Bahia where most of the modern conveniences one might desire are available. And there may be no better real estate investment in Ecuador for those willing to wait a few years.

Be sure to check out nearby beach towns of San Clemente, Canoa, and Crucita as well, all less than an hour away from Bahia.

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